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We at One2one Driving School have developed a program for behind-the-wheel instructions. Our Instructors evaluate the abilities and learning speed to provide with an estimate of the time it may take for a learner to obtain Driver’s License. This estimate can only be provided after at least two lessons have been done. The Instructor will then set up a lesson plan to develop the driving skills of the learner driver, which will include both professional instructions and practice driving with another licensed adult driver. When the learner driver is ready, we will give do a mock driving test so the learner driver can prepare and feel confident of passing the actual practical driving test.

Our Driving Lessons comprise of

Our driving lessons are for one hour or if the learner wants, we can also organize a lesson for two hours. With the experience developed over years, we have designed a step by step lessons program to suit the needs of the learner drivers which can also be modified to suit the needs of an individual. Our lessons include techniques for turning, reversing, lane changing, residential and city intersections, managing traffic, reverse parallel and hill parking, 3- point turns, Kerb stop and hill start, developing safe vision habits and space management skills for various other types of parking. Beyond the basics, we also help new drivers to develop defensive driving skills, highway vision techniques and strategies, smooth steering on winding roads, stable speed in heavy traffic, and a fuel-efficient driving style. All of our Students also learn how to perform a quick safety inspection of a vehicle. Driving at night requires some different skills, so we recommend that at least one lesson to be done with a professional driving instructor after it falls dark. This allows the student to learn how and why to adjust their high and low beam headlights when following traffic, facing headlights of oncoming vehicles, adjusting the rear view mirror and driving on curves.  

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